As a follow-up to my last post, I want to address how to stay positive over time. It’s easy to get caught up in a new way of thinking, but then slowly ease back into your old habits as times get tough, and life gets in the way.

One thing I learned from Tal Ben-Shahar’s presentation is to get in the ritual of writing down what you’re grateful for. You might find that doing this every night feels like a bit much, but a few times a week could be just right. This is an exercise that I encourage my clients to do, especially job seekers. It helps you stay in a positive state of mind when life can feel very frustrating, or just maintain your positive outlook.

Another great tool for learning to focus on the positive is a short and fun read called The Energy Bus. A friend of mine learned about this book at a conference, and it reminded him of my work as a coach. I find that this book gives you the tools to change your mindset (in an entertaining way), and apply the principals to your work and personal life.

These are just a couple tools that I find to be very effective for changing your mindset. How do you maintain positive energy in the workplace?