Until then, you need to make sure yours is doing its job! Through my work, I have realized that even the best resumes I see need a few improvements in order to be effective.

There is more to it, but here are three things that you need to include in your resume:


This might sound obvious, but I am still seeing resumes with objectives at the top. No ones cares what you want. You need to make sure a company knows what you can do for them, and a summary helps them understand that.


One way you can highlight your career accomplishments is by listing a few as bullets under your summary. You will also want to read through your bullets under each position, and make sure that your accomplishments are illustrated. As an example, you may have listed that you created a database for one company. So what? Employers need to know what happened as a result of that database. What was the success? This is how you show a potential employer what you can do for them.


It is essential that both your resume and LinkedIn profile are populated with the essential keywords for the position you’re seeking. An easy way to do this is to go through a job description for a position you are seeking and add in the important words that are mentioned. Examples include specific software programs, industry terms, types of trainings, etc. Having the right keywords makes it more likely that your resume or LinkedIn profile will come up in a recruiter’s search.

If you are having trouble with your resume or not getting any responses, I would recommend consulting with a resume writer, or having a few trusted people look it over. Hopefully these three tips will help improve your resume.