How do you talk to someone who wears too much perfume at work? What a lot of people (mostly women?) don’t realize is that we can smell their perfume perfectly well each day, even if they think they need to wear more because they are used to the smell and can no longer smell it.

Here is my public service announcement: Put on the same amount of perfume each day, or less than you think you need, even if you can’t smell it that well!

Wearing too much perfume at work, or anywhere, can be distracting and problematic for colleagues and managers who don’t necessarily feel comfortable telling the person. It can also be detrimental for a job interview since the interviewer will probably be turned off by a strong smell. On that note, good hygiene is essential, since other smells could also be a hinderance.

Not sure if you’re an offender? Perhaps one way to check is to ask people you’re comfortable with if they think you wear too much perfume. Managers are in an awkward position when they are the ones who have to speak to an employee about this, but it’s likely you’ll hear from them about it. As a manager, how have you approached this issue?