Some people fear staying in the same job for too long and seek out new opportunities every year or two. Others may fall into a bad situation and make a quick exit and then appear to be job hopping. Either way, employers and employees may have strong opinions on the subject of job hopping.

By moving around too quickly, an employee is never truly able to settle in and succeed. It takes a certain amount of time to learn a new job, even if it is a familiar position or industry. Any accomplishments are only short term gains and do no show long term development. One benefit of job hopping is that an individual is always picking up new information in his or her industry and it’s possible that their skills are sharper than a person who has been with one organization for an extended period of time.

There are benefits to both short and long term employment. They key is to continuously grow and improve in both types of situations. If you’re not doing that as a job hopper, then it’s time rethink why you’re quickly cycling through jobs.