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I have been hearing more and more from my career coaching clients that employers are looking for an “exact fit” when they’re interviewing potential employees. Unfortunately, this occurs when there is a surplus of strong candidates going after very few open positions.

So…how do you get noticed?

One way it to make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are populated with the proper keywords. These would be words found on job descriptions of positions you’re applying for, and other buzzwords that are important in your position/industry. This may sound obvious, but once you really stop and think, you’ll probably find that you’re not using some of those essential words. Remember: many recruiters don’t read resumes anymore, they search for keywords!

Another way to stand out is to highlight your accomplishments both in your resume and when you’re speaking. You need to show the results of your actions, not just list off tasks that you’ve completed throughout your career. Let people know what is special about you, don’t assume that they’ll figure it out themselves!