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Many times I talk to my career coaching clients about what work they have really done during their career. 20 years of experience doesn’t matter if you have done the same thing every year. 5 years of experience can mean so much more if you continue to learn and stay relevant in your field.

You want to be considered a source of knowledge, or even an expert in your field in order to gain the trust of clients and potential referral sources. This means following relevant news sources and publications, attending professional development events and seminars, networking, reading, and anything else that will help you learn, so that you’re able to show clients that you are up-to-date in your field.

Recently, I had a couple conversations with an IT professional about purchases and news that were related to that field. I was surprised to hear that in both instances, this person was not aware of what I was talking about. This immediately made me hesitant to refer business to this person. I bring up this example so you can ask yourself if you would ever find yourself in that situation. How up-to-date are you in your field? Do you continue to find ways to learn and stay relevant?