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Last night, I was a panelist for an event called, Finding Your Balance: Succeeding in your Work, Financial and Personal Life. Here is an article about the event. All of the panelists were able to share experience and advice with young professionals in transition.

Some common topics brought up the audience were related to salary negotiation, office politics, promotions, and socializing with coworkers outside of the office.

For salary negotiation: never be the first to say a number! This isn’t always possible, but try. And do your homework on salary ranges for your job/industry. Ideally, give a salary range, not just one number. Make sure you would be happy and can live on the lowest number of that range.

A lot of people feel that they are overlooked when it comes to promotions, and that favorites are picked by bosses. This may be true, but be able to look at yourself and determine where you can improve so that you’re in position for the next promotion. If you are truly succeeding in your work and there is room for growth at your company, you won’t be overlooked for long.

When it comes to socializing with coworkers, my advice is to keep it to a minimum! It’s fun to spend time with coworkers, but don’t test your limits with that audience. Try not to add all your coworkers on Facebook. Create some space between your work and personal life.