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I do this really embarrassing thing where I don’t post regularly to my blog. Figured I would blog about it. If you have a blog (or you’re thinking about starting one), you need to add new posts at least once a week in order to be effective!

Are you trying to keep your name in front of your online network, but you don’t want to start a blog? Take advantage of your social media profiles and do a status update, at least once a week! An easy way to do this is to share an article of interest, or let your network know what you’re up to in the professional world. One example is telling them about a recent seminar you attended, or any type of event. This is especially important for job seekers or someone trying to grow their business.

A lot of us are scared of bombarding our network with too many posts, but once a week is unobtrusive, yet helps keep you in front of important people. How often do you write new posts?




I recently presented with Dave Wilson of Hirsch Roberts Weintstein LLP on Social Networking in the Workplace for SBANE. Employers have a lot to consider, and we discussed some important aspects of social media for businesses.

Sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are experiencing significant growth, and employers need to think about how they want to embrace social networking in their organizations, if at all. Some companies take full advantage of the power of social networking, some restrict its use and others ban it completely. Common concerns are related to productivity and company exposure. Implementing a company policy on social media will help with any potential issues.

Social networking has a lot of advantages for an organization, as long as it is used properly (or within the guidelines of a policy). First, it is a great way to promote your brand and gain exposure. One way to do this is through a Fan page on Facebook, or by adding your company onto LinkedIn.

Another advantage is having the opportunity to engage with customers, once you’re on these sites. There are different ways to do this, but a couple of examples are quickly responding to their positive or negative feedback, and showing your appreciation for their business. Social networking offers a fast and efficient means of communication.

An organization can benefit from embracing social media, but there has to be a balance. The protection of clients, employees and the company’s reputation always have to be considered. Any policy that is put into place needs to be fair to employees and prevent unnecessary exposure to the company.